Before completing his tertiary degree in art design and photography, Jason accepted a position with an Australian television network in their camera department.

This opportunity marked the beginning of his cinematography career.

When asked to define his style of cinematography,

Jason explains, "Always it begins with an idealisation for naturalism.

This serves as my starting point, to find practical motivation for my lighting.

Particularly with interior scenes, I love lighting through performance.

For example, having an actor enter a darkened room and having them physically switch on the practical (light) sources as they move through the space.

There's a purity and truth to the performance by lighting a scene.

However exterior scenes can be another beast, mother nature and my mind's eye are not always aligned, so often it becomes a question of judicious choices without compromising the script or performance.

These types of challenges define your professional ability as a cinematographer.

Unforeseen circumstances force your hand, to think and work fast and step outside your comfort zone of familiarity and default practices.

Instead and most importantly for me, these challenges keep my mind open and my ideas fresh."

Jason is a multiple award winning cinematographer and Director of Photography.

His still photography works have been curated nationally and are held in permanent collections by Australian Fine Art Galleries.


Jason is a member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS).